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Beverlye Middle School Student Government Association

Beverlye Middle School

Student Government

 The Student Government Association gives the student a chance to be part of a democratic government. It works toward the development and promotion of school spirit, student morals, pride in the school, good family-student relations, student relations among themselves, and the betterment of school and community relations.



The president of the Student Government Association shall be a member of the eighth grade. The vice-president and secretary/treasurer may be a seventh or eight grader. They must maintain no less than a "C" in each academic class. (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) There cannot be any "D's" or "F's." The S.G.A. officers will be automatically dismissed if he or she receives one referral.

The remainder of S.G.A. members will be part of the council. Each home room will vote for one home room representative for the council. These students must also maintain an overall "C" average for their academic subjects. No member of the S.G.A. council will be permitted to remain on the council if more than one office referral occurs. Students on the S.G.A. council are representatives of the school and must be positive role models for the rest of the school.



The S.G.A. shall meet on various afternoons of each month from 3:00 to 3:45. ALL students must have adequate transportation for meetings and S.G.A. related events. No adult sponsor will be able to provide transportation for S.G.A. members.

Sponsors reserve the right to call meetings if necessary at any time throughout the year. However, a 24-hour notice will be given so that transportation can be arranged.

Students may miss up to 2 regularly scheduled meetings and 2 called meetings. If a member misses more than the allowed absences, he or she will be dismissed from the organization.